Korean Journalist Visits Tanah Lot, Interested in Promoting Tabanan Tourism Destinations in Korea

TABANAN – Pantaubali.com – The seriousness of the Tabanan Regency Government under the leadership of the Regent of Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, in boosting the tourism sector is increasingly keen to do. After inaugurating the application of electronic tickets at Tanah Lot DTW, Tabanan regency is now holding hospitality with reporters from one of the neighboring countries, namely Korea.

The group of Korean journalists led by President of the Korean Journalists Mr. Jong, received by the Assistant Government and Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of Tabanan Regency I Wayan Miarsana accompanied by the Head of Tourism I Gede Sukanada and the Head of Public Relations and Protocol of the Regional Secretariat of Tabanan I Ketut Ridia District at Ocean Restaurant, Tanah Lot, Saturday night (2 November 2019).

Before being accepted to Tanah Lot, a group of 11 journalists was herded to the Ulundanu Beratan DTW with the aim of introducing the beauty of the lake owned by Tabanan Regency. Because of the limited time available by the Korean group, only a few tourist destinations can be visited.

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However, the group leader, Mr. Jong said he was very satisfied because it was served a beautiful place. “Thank you, because we have been presented with a beautiful place. Even though it was blocked by time to enjoy the sunset here (Tanah Lot), we have heard that the view here is very good, “said Mr. Jong at the suave event.

He expressed his gratitude for being able to gather with the Tabanan Regency officials and some of the journalists present at the time, and he said he was very happy to be in Tabanan. “Here we are very happy. Do not forget too, very much want to continue this. And if you go to Korea, we will also treat it like this, “he added.

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To that end, representing the group, Mr. Jong expressed his deepest gratitude to the Tabanan Regency Government, especially the Tabanan Regent. “Today’s meeting is very meaningful for us, especially ladies and gentlemen, taking time to wait for us. Thank you for the support given to us, “he added.

Representing Tabanan Regent, Assistant Government and Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of Tabanan Regency I Wayan Miarsana said, Tabanan has three famous tourist destinations, namely Ulundanu Beratan, Tanah Lot and Jatiluwih. And specifically for Jatiluwih, he explained that it was a World Cultural Heritage with its famous farming system, Subak.

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For the presence of a group of Korean journalists to Tabanan with the aim of introducing Tabanan tourist destinations in Korea, Himself on behalf of the Regent of Tabanan expressed his highest thanks and appreciation to the Korean journalists. “Hopefully this meeting does not end here. And I hope that you will be able to promote our tourism destinations in Korea, “he hoped.